Monthly Modern Mayhem - Win a box of MH2!

11:00am, Saturday 9th October, 2021


$30.00 each
50 tickets left
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Prove you're the Master of Modern Mayhem!

Modern is one of the most popular formats of MTG, and with the release of Modern Horizons II, we reckon the time is right to duke it out and prove you're the Modern master! Entry is $30 with first place rewarded a MODERN HORIZONS II DRAFT BOOSTER BOX!

Modern Mayhem

Format: Modern Constructed, cut to Top 8

Registration fee: $30

Time: 11am

Date: 14th August 2021

Prizes: Each player will receive a Modern Horizon draft booster for participating and each player will add a Hobby Master 1.5 tickets to the prize pool.

First place: Receives a Modern Horizons II Draft Booster Box
2nd to 8th place: Each recieve a portion of the total prize pool given out from second place to eighth in a ratio of 40%, 20%, 20%, 5%, 5%, 5%, 5%