MtG: Ravnica Remastered Preview Sealed - Sat 12pm

12:00pm, Saturday 6th January, 2024

Get your hands on Ravnica Remastered a week earlier than anyone else in our exclusive Preview Event! As we are Auckland's only Premium WPN store, Hobby Master is the only place you can crack these packs.

By playing in our Ravnica Remastered sealed events, players will get to crack packs in the week before general release. Each player will take away 6x Ravnica Remastered draft boosters (each worth $10), plus a foil promo card, Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind


Ravnica Remastered Premium Preview Event

Format: Sealed

Registration fee: $65

Time & Dates: 
Friday 5th January:
12:00 pm

Saturday 6th January:
12:00 pm

Sunday 7th January:
12:00 pm


  • Participation: Each player will receive a foil promo card and 6x Ravnica Remastered Draft Boosters. 
  • Prizes: Players that go 2-1 get 1 Hobbymaster Tickets, players that go undefeated (3-0) get 2 Hobbymaster Tickets.

A Wizards of the Coast account is required to play in the event. Please have your account ready beforehand, and if possible the Magic Companion App downloaded on your phone. If you haven't got an account, please arrive half an hour before the event and we can help you set one up.


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