Players can embark on a new Star Wars: Shatterpoint mission with this pack! Featuring the first new set of Mission cards outside of the Core Set, Sabotage Showdown adds more variety to games of Shatterpoint with new objective layouts and new mission special rules that pose new tactical challenges for strike teams to overcome.

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Warlord Battle Titans bestride the battlefields of the Horus Heresy, their thunderous tread heralding destruction. A mainstay of the Collegia Titanica, these Titans are among the largest war machines ever devised by the Mechanicum, and mount a vast arsenal of weapons – Arioch-pattern power claws shred enemy Titans in melee, while plasma annihilators offer intense mid-range firepower.This multipart plastic kit builds one epic scale Warlord Battle Titan. This variant is armed for mid-range combat, boasting an arm-mounted sunfury plasma annihilator, an Arioch power claw, and a set of carapace-mounted laser blasters. In addition to its primary weapons, the Warlord also features two torso-mounted mauler bolt cannons and a pair of rear-mounted lascannon turrets.This kit offers plenty of ways to customise your Titan. You'll find two different faceplates and two different sensor arrays for the head, as well as three pairs of pauldrons – one with sculpted Great Crusade designs, one with Traitor imagery, and one left blank. The kit features joints at various points, allowing you to pose your Titan at its head, knees, waist, and more. Its weapons are also adjustable, so you can aim them appropriately.This model can be used in games of Legions Imperialis, as well as games of Adeptus Titanicus using the included Adeptus Titanicus Command Terminal.The set includes:- 1x Warlord Battle Titan- 1x sunfury plasma annihilator- 1x Arioch power claw- 1x set of paired laser blasters- 1x Legions Imperialis 120mm Oval Base- 1x Adeptus Titanicus Warlord Titan Transfer Sheet- 1x Adeptus Titanicus Warlord TItan Command Terminal- 7x Warlord Titan Weapon CardsThis miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.
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Like an enormous mechanical spider, a Triarch Stalker looms over the battlefield with its multiple slicing limbs and devastating weaponry controlled by a high-ranking Triarch Praetorian. When a Triarch Stalker advances, it does so with a speed and surety that belies its jerking gait. Indeed, it can cover all manner of terrain with a deftness and precision seldom found in the walkers of less advanced races. While the Triarch Stalker can mount a wide array of anti-infantry and anti-armour weaponry, it is most commonly employed as a dedicated tank-hunter. They can easily outmanoeuvre more cumbersome tracked vehicles, the better to unleash their withering firepower against the thinner armour presented by the target's flanks and rear. Your Triarch Stalkers can often be found at the head of your Necron assault, scuttling in front of your legion to tackle those particularly stubborn foes. Like all Necron commanders, you will have factored in a requirement for destroying tanks, and the Triarch Stalker's focussed heat ray will do the job nicely. Once you run out of tanks to destroy, you can then set to work on wiping out any infantry.       This multi-part plastic boxed set contains 75 components with which to build one Necron Triarch Stalker, and comes with two Necron transfer sheets. This kit is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.
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Key Features Lead the forces of Minas Tirith™ with Gandalf™ the White. A great way to grow or start your collection Contains 33 plastic miniatures Sally out from Gondor's White City alongside Gandalf the White and Peregrin Took as they take charge of Warriors and Knights of Minas Tirith. This epic box contains 33 plastic Citadel miniatures for use in games of Middle-earth™ Strategy Battle Game, and is an ideal way for existing players to bolster their forces, or for new collectors to start a new army. Available for free alongside this Battlehost is a Quickstart Rules Guide PDF with simplified Core Rules and Scenarios, along with a Quickstart Booklet PDF containing profiles to help get you playing as easily as possible. Contains: 1x Gandalf™ the White and Peregrin Took™ Mounted1x Gandalf™ the White on Foot1x Peregrin Took™ on Foot24x Warriors of Minas Tirith™6x Knights of Minas Tirith™ This set contains 33 plastic miniatures which come with all required bases. Miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted – we recommend Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.
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Malifaux models are  32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high-quality plastic. Will require some preparation and assembly. Faction: Guild Keywords: Guard, Journalist Contents: Nightcrawler NetworkCamerabots x3
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Made from supple, yet extremely strong dreamwood, the Vanari Starshard Ballistas are the premier artillery piece of the Lumineth Realm-lords. Firing a pair of long, perfectly balanced bolts in unison, the brilliant flash of light that accompanies their impact dazzles and disorients all those who the razor-sharp points don't kill outright. These accurate bolt-throwers are perfect for picking off key units, using their messenger hawks to enhance precision against enemies near to your heroes. Their long range makes them ideal for keeping well out of harm's way, to better visit a storm of missiles upon your opponents. The kit is comprised of 47 plastic components, with which you can assemble one Vanari Starshard Ballista plus crew, and is supplied with 1x Citadel 80mm Round Base.
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Firm bristles prevent the painting slide off, enabling you to paint the targeted area as desired! Short grip design makes the brush easier to handle!Choose the way you want to hold the paintbrush by your sense and enjoy freely painting!The fine tip enables the paint to extend well and is ideal for painting details with precision. ● A series with a very short grip compared to standard Brushwork PRO.Short grip makes the center of gravity closer to your hand, making it less shaky and much easier to paint.Choose the way you want to hold the paintbrush by your sense and enjoy freely painting! ● Features of the conventional Brushwork PRO are also well-maintained.Japanese-made synthetic bristles (PBT) with a firm textureEach brush is hand-made by Japanese brush craftspersons who specialize in synthetic bristles.Animal hair brushes tend to become damaged, torn, and dry when soaked in solvents, but Brushwork PRO’s PBT bristles are solvent-resistant and less prone to damage.The bond that holds the brush tip in place is also solvent-resistant, ensuring a long-lasting good brush tip.The brush tip is more flexible than general chemical fiber brushes due to the firmness adjusted for easy brush painting on models.An assorted range of brush tip shapes for use in different painting situations.Short brush tip has a lower water supply for the paint, causing the paint to dry quickly.This is why Brushwork PRO has designed the brush tip length to achieve ease of painting and paint absorbency.Thanks to the special processing PBT bristles, bent bristles become straight again with hot water at 90℃.
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Air paints pair seamlessly with the rest of the Citadel Colour range, featuring a thinner formulation that makes them work perfectly with your airbrush.
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Key Features A Horus Heresy novel The Warmaster's fall begins Written by Graham McNeill A Horus Heresy novel The Great Crusade that has taken humanity into the stars continues. The Emperor of Mankind has handed the reins of command to his favoured son, the Warmaster Horus. Yet all is not well in the armies of the Imperium... READ IT BECAUSEThe seeds of Horus' betrayal are planted here, and the true nature of the universe revealed. Also, one of the Warhammer 40,000 universe's most reviled villains, Dark Apostle Erebus of the Word Bearers, reveals his true colours, and becomes the Space Marine you love to hate... THE STORYThe Great Crusade that has taken humanity into the stars continues. The Emperor of mankind has handed the reins of command to his favoured son, the Warmaster Horus. Yet all is not well in the armies of the Imperium. Horus is still battling against the jealousy and resentment of his brother primarchs and, when he is injured in combat on the planet Davin, he must also battle his inner daemons. With all the temptations that Chaos has to offer, can the weakened Horus resist? Written by Graham McNeill
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Shade paints make adding realistic shadows and lowlights to your models easy. They are designed to run into the recesses of your miniatures, providing excellent results with minimal effort.
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